We live in a world of relationships. Starting from the relationship with ourselves, then family, friends, colleagues, customers, bosses, and people we meet randomly … Our relationships determine the quality of our lives. They affect our emotions, thoughts, experiences, and they are definitely the greatest tool growth and love, as well as the greatest recipe for destruction and misery.

The thing is, we are constrained by the conditions based on our socio-cultural patterns, the models we grew up with, and the many life experiences that were wrong for us. We bring all this disability into our relationships – with ourselves and others, and the tremendous potential of human relationships is usually far from being realized.

The Human Design System is a revolutionary way of understanding ourselves and the matrix we live in. Through the mechanics, the way things work, we can receive practical keys to live and act from our nature rather than from our thought conditioning.

Through the simple and deep understanding of ourselves and with the precise practical keys of this knowledge, we can reach true self-love and live in harmonious relationships and satisfying sexuality.

Get acquainted with the fascinating knowledge of the human design system, through the relationship narrative. You are invited to take a look and see the world through a different, simple, accurate and revolutionary perspective. You are invited to receive initial tools to experiment and practice with yourself, and to improve the relationships in your life.

Julia Krakova is your host on 23th.

⏰Saturday , 23 Nov, 18.30h
📍Flow centar , Maršala Birjuzova 41a

Price: 1000din