When was the last time you did nothing? When was the last time you got lost in the bliss of your own company. No screen, no to do list, no analysis of life’s dramas. Nothing. Can you even believe that such a state is reasonable in today’s fast paced world? What if it means sensing your natural rhythm and how it works with the flow of life? What if it means just knowing the joys of breathing deeply and enjoying your present time and space? What if it means just being, with no expectations and no anticipations? Does that sound so hard? Just being! Yes! You might say. And we understand. Nobody conditioned you how to be. How to shine in your boundless existence and bless the world with your presence. Nobody taught you this.
Being in this state is state of innocence….
Through this journey a week long with our program our goal is to take you into this state.
All classes in our daily program are designed to take you deep within, so you can reach more profound levels of self-knowing. In the morning, we have Subtle Yoga, a slow, powerful mix of Hatha Yoga and Qi Gong that will take you into an integrated experience of physical, energetic, emotional, and mental awareness, preparing you to make contact with your heart and soul. The evenings can offer TRE, Yin Yoga, and other surprises. TRE is tension and trauma release exercise. With it, you will let go on a totally new level while learning a tool for stress management that you can take home and practice on your own. On nights between TRE sessions, Yin Yoga will show us a different way to slow our nervous system down so we can be in clear communication with our inner truth. Between morning and evening sessions is the time to let the joy of nothingness take you into the truth of the you in this now. Your innocence deserves to be heard, but it is you who must listen first. Once you own it, the rest will fall into place.

– We will depart from Sarajevo to Zadar on the 27th at 6a.m., transportation cost is 50 euros both ways.
From Zadar we take ferry to island Iz, approx. 45min ride;
If you are coming from some other country airport is Zadar.
We will email you other directions on getting to island.

– SINGLE ROOM , 2 main meals a day ( breakfast + dinner) + daily program- 670 euros- 470 euros equivalent in HRK to be paid upon arrival to hotel;

– SHARED ROOM- 655 euros – 455 euros to be paid upon arrival;

* This price includes 7 nights sleeping, 2 main daily meals, all yoga and other healing daily sessions ( TRE, Tin, sound bath);
* This price DOESNT INCLUDE: transportation, other services offered at retreat place ( gong bath, massage upon request, all additional service one wanna take that are offered at Korinjak;)
DEPOSIT: 200 euros to be paid by May 10th the latest, if it's easier you can pay in installments by request.