Ako se pitate kako nastaju promene u zivotu – odgovor je nastaju promenom u svesti (The Conscious Shift). Promena u svesti nastaje kao promena njene vibracije. Direktne promene nastaju korišćenjem isceljujućih i transformativnih energija kao što su Skalarni talasi.
Seminar I Nivo škole Scalar Waves održaće se u petak 8.11.2019. od 16:00 u Beogradu. A svi oni koji žele i spremni su da naprave svoj prvi veliki korak ka pomeranju granica svesnosti – imaju mogućnost Sada i Ovde.
Pohadjanjem ovog seminara nivoa I ostvarujete uslov za pohađanje i ostalih seminara škole. Pogledajte raspored seminara na FB stranici Skalarni talasi Energetske Terapije.

Informacije o seminaru: 0652074553

Program seminara:
7 osnovnih + 3 napredne energetske tehnike

Upoznavanje sa sopstvenim energetskim telom: aurom, čakrama i energetskom osom i energetskim tehnikama koje omogućavaju deteksciju i promenu.
Unošenjem isceljujuće ali i transformativne energije u svoj život činite sopstveni i život ljudi oko vas – sasvim drugačijim.
Šta možete da očekujete od seminara? Nešto sasvim nesvakidašnje, transformativno i inovativno.

The Conscious Shift: Looking at Negativity, Positively
Negative thoughts have a positive message.

The slayer’s path is to think and feel—always—but also to cultivate the ability to think and feel with honesty, mastery, and flow. Sometimes, when we don’t like what we think and feel, we naturally stop the flow so we may better and more clearly recognize what we are thinking and feeling.

Does it make you mad that sometimes your thoughts are really negative? Most of us have spent a good part of our lives and energy feeling angry, sad, and ashamed of these thoughts and their role in our lives. Little time is spent on acknowledging their nature, function, and purpose.

Demons are dense in nature and can connect to all of our lower vibrational emotions such as anger, grief, sadness, greed, lust, guilt, disappointment, or apathy, to name a few. Although we consider these emotions to be negative, it is the very nature of that negativity that allows for the presence of their positive message in our physical world. They are potent enough to penetrate the physical world we live in and are the anchors connecting all other creative energy here. Essentially, all of our negative thoughts hold great power for each and every one of us in the true message that they bring.

Negative thoughts are arrows that have a very important function in our world; they are as incredibly transformative to us as a chisel is to stone. They have an equal and opposite value that is positive. Every thought has a negative or positive vantage, and that means every negative thought has a positive meaning. While a demon’s purpose is to create chaos and destruction, chaos in and of itself is not bad; in fact, chaos is a very neces­sary part of the natural cycle of all things and a universal truth.’